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My dear krew, some of you may not know but it is JAHAN’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! 25 years ago, my big sister was birthed into the world. I wanted to express my gratitude and love for her, because I know a lot of you out there love and cherish her as well. This is almost too hard to write because there are an infinite amount of amazing things I could say about her. You all know that when it comes to music, she has insane pipes and it still blows my mind in the studio or shows every day. You know that as a songwriter, she is ever-evolving and knows exactly how to write to hit the sweet spots of the heart and the mind. As a businesswoman and networker she is undeniably fair, genuine, and loyal to the ends of the earth. These are things that everyone can see with their eyes, feel when they meet her, and know for certain when they see her perform live or on a track.

What you may not know, but as her sister who has been by her side all of my 22 years on this planet so I can attest to, is this; she has never once in my life let me down. Let anyone down, for that matter. She is through and through one of the strongest humans I know. She is a rock that I can hold on to when I feel like I’m drowning. She’s the roots of my life that keep me grounded. She is the clear voice of reason when it feels like everyone else in the world is screaming at me. There is no one on this planet that I would rather share my life with, go through the bullshit with, experience the no-sleep-17-hour-flights-sick-on-the-road-writer’s-block-in-the-studio-etc. with, eat my way through all the wonderful countries of the world with, wake up every morning and eat brekky with, share tiny hotel rooms with, be entertained by your ten billion characters, listen to Sum 41 and Good Charlotte in the car with, pretend to be a creepy drum n bass duo called the Harami Brothers with, & probably live with for the rest of my life (until maybe you’re ready to get married and be a mommy, I’ll leave you alone then).

Even when she scoops out all the good chunks in my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, she’s still the best (but seriously plz stop that J). And I am overjoyed seeing all the love you guys have already given her on her 25th birthday, it makes me so happy that the world appreciates my incredible sister as much as I do!!!!!

Jahan, I hope this year is everything you dream and hope and wish for, and that you are happy & healthy through all the good and bad; you deserve it more than anyone I know. Thank you for being everything that you are to me, I don’t know how I’d get by without you. I love you to the moon and back, Beanie


^THIS is real. This happens every day. If you are a woman OR a man this affects you. If you have a sister, wife, daughter, mother, etc., this affects you. If you can’t walk around at night without fear and your finger on the nozzle of pepper…


"One girl who has been harmed by this brutal practice is one too many". 

Angélique Kidjo, Grammy Award-winning singer and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador, explains why you should raise your voice against female genital mutilation in this guest post on the UN blog.

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Command Infinity, 2014 

don’t trip


Every day I spend time with this little one I am more & more inspired and humbled by her. Leilani has experienced cancer, more bouts of chemotherapy than you can count on your fingers, and has spent far too much time in a hospital for an 8 year old. You would never guess that her life was revolved around her hindering health, though. She has so much spirit and is ready to spend every moment living and laughing. She shuns talking about her health issues and would rather not sulk in self-pity. On top of just having the privilege of knowing such a strong young girl, her mother asked if I’d want to be her godmother today. I am honored beyond what words can describe. It’s so easy to lose yourself in your own problems & forget that there is a life worthing living, soaking in every second, putting to past all of the negativity we hold on to… Leilani is living proof that life is never too terrible to not smile, & every new day is a gift. Thank you for that, you are a beautiful ray of sunshine on this ever-gloomy planet. I hope anyone that reads this who is affected by a loved one with cancer or any sickness can relate! And everyone else in between, too :)
~peace & love